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Yea, the Stable Official Rom with Unlimited Memory that you’ve been waiting for!

(Sense | Android 2.3.3 (GingerBread) | DATA2SD | CRT TV Off Animation | Trackpad Awake | Seamless migration from Froyo and any other Roms without Data loss)

Official GB 2.3.3 v3.14.405.1 (Stock Sense 1.9) | Stock rooted Desire GSM Rom | ext 4 | Bravo Stock Hboot



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SuperNova Team:

Droidzone – ROM Development and Typhon Script
Sibere – Data2SD code

Important Information in a nutshell

Security Status Required: Any (S-OFF or S-ON)
Hboot Required: Stock HTC Hboot if S-ON, or Alpharev Bravo Stock Hboot if S-OFF (If you havent changed Hboot, dont worry! Your phone is compatible!)
Partition Required: FAT32 Primaryfollowed by One ext4 partition (ext2/3 if present will be auto converted to ext4)
MicroSD Card Preferred: Preferably a Class 4 or Class 6 (Try it if you have Class 2 or Class 10)
Recovery Recommended: 4ext Recovery by madmaxx82 (Anything can be used, but this is preferred)
Radio Recommended: Will work on all Radios, best on the recommended Radio 
Base Software: 3.14.405.1
Editions: Supernova Extreme (Classic) Edition (iNtelligent Data2SD)


Droidzone’s Roms now have their own dedicated Forum to give specific, accurate help to users. Utilize the forum effectively, especially if you are new to the world of Roms


Editions: Supernova Extreme Edition (Previously called Classic)


The Rom comes with my Typhon Superscript, which acts as a container for the Data2sd script, and adds a vast amount of additional functions.

The main feature of this pure HTC Sense Rom is the stable Data2SD that is built in


  • Latest HTC Official GingerBread Rom with Sense released on Aug 1, 2011
  • Rooted
  • SuperNova is fully compatible with the latest version of Clockworkmod Recovery (Edify)
  • Init.d scripts supported
  • Busybox-1.18.2
  • Huge collection of optional kernels
  • Latest Additions:
  • New Superuser App and Binary 3.0.2 @ChainsDD
  • Sense 2.1 Quick Settings Bar
  • Light Sensor Fix
  • Automatic Logcat monitoring system
  • Trackpad Wake On/Off
  • Helicopter view Homescreen Rearrange option
  • Kernel: Droidzone’s NonOC Non UV based Kernel with TPW, WifiFix, Battfix and Two way Call Record
  • Battfix (Sibere) – Have your phone fully charged on waking up
  • Trackpad press to wake
  • Two way call record (Both streams equally loud and clear!)
  • Lowered Wifi disconnection threshold (less chance of disconnection)
  • Increased read ahead buffer size to improve SD R/W performance(“sdfix”)-256kb (Switchable easily)
  • Option to allow manual switching of Readahead value by user without need of any additional apps
  • Pandora Advanced Error logging system to diagnose any issues and prevent issues before they cause problems
  • SafeShutdown Script-Detects unsafe shutdowns, freezes and Battery pulls, and checks and repairs Data partition on next boot
  • Data Anti-corruption protection with advanced Data partition check and repair scripts
  • EXT 4 for Data2SD
  • CRT TV-Off Animation!
  • Typhon Intelligent Scripts ever by Droidzone-Allows you to Upgrade across any ROM model/Android version, yes, even from Froyo/Cupcake!!
  • Partition Corruption logging and warning
  • Advanced GetLogs Information system-Flashable Log Retrieval System with Easy packaging
  • Getlogs Interactive Functions:
  • Advanced Script with AutoMarketCacheCleanup on Boot
  • Detailed system analysis, Freespace calculation, Space usage calculation
  • Dalvik-cache optimization/reoptimization system prevents force closes due to Dalvik cache errors
  • Fast Classic Market with optional Flashable zip for Market upgrade
  • Market Anti-update protection-Will not allow update of market automatically to any beta Google releases.
  • Trackpad Awake
  • Kernel Mods (For all kernel mods, credits go to snq- or Sibere or Droidzone, depending on whose kernels you’re running)
  • CPU Profiles (upto 1152 MHz)
    • Smartass
    • Powersave
    • Interactive (Needs kernel change)
    • Userspace
    • Ondemand
    • Performance
  • Ext4 support
  • Tun
  • Perflock disabled
  • All CPU Powerstate Scaling.
  • Data2SD using the extremely stable latest Sibere Data2sd scripts (From personal experience, this appears to be the stablest Data2sd experience for Desire. The emphasis is on Stability and storage, rather than Quadrant scores. This Rom is indeed faster than the stock Sense experience though). Original script has been tweaked by Droidzone to make it a powerful and intelligent superscript.
  • NEW! MultiColor Flashing LEDs show errors in Data2SD installation
  • Added Typhon Automatic Data2SD Module Manager-Autoinstalls Data2sd with a simple rebootOther “Normal” Rooted Rom options:
  • /data/app/ support
  • Fully De-odexed (For best modding experience)
  • Zipaligned to improve RAM performance
  • Nano command-line text editor support
  • Bash command shell support
  • 720p Fully Compatible Camera
  • Removed the annoying HTC Boot sound
  • Most extensive Access point lists (APNs)
  • Extensive Multilanguage Support!
  • Android Market Update 2.3.6 (This seems the fastest, so dont get the latest one!)
  • Gmail ** update **
  • Google Maps 5.10.1 ** update **
  • File Expert File Explorer with Root Features 3.2.7
  • Estrongs File Explorer
  • Script Manager app to run Droidzone’s GetLogsInteractive utility
  • Adobe Flash Player ** update **
  • Massive APN List
  • Massive Locale list
  • Titanium Backup **** App Updated ****
  • Added Fix for the “Disappearing data partition on reboot bug”
  • Curve Fish App Remover 1.3.3 ** update **
  • Youtube update 2.2.16 ** update **
  • Locale support includes:
    • English (US, UK, India, Australia, China, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, South Africa, Israel, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine)
    • French (France, Germany, Austria, Chile, Spain, Britain, Netherlands, South Africa, Italy, Israel)
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Dutch
    • German
    • Greek
    • Portuguese
    • Norwegian Bokmål
    • Danish
    • Swedish
    • Czech
    • Polish
    • Russian
    • Finnish
    • Chinese (China, HongKong, Taiwan)
    • Turkish
    • Arabicand Others!


Instructions for Installation- READ this before proceeding!


  1. Sibere for the Data2SD development for the Rom
  2. Sibere for his massive list of Kernels, and his battfix and Wifi-fix mods
  3. A big thanks to C0urier and his company Kazi Networks, for hosting my previous sites and my forum, and for taking a great effort to ward it off against hackers! (Apparently I have enemies here!). He still provides liberal use of his server for my backups.
  4. Melethron, whose data2whatever script has been the inspiration for kickstarting my flashable scripts.
  5. theGanymedes, for his help with Native C code compilation. See his awesome project here.
  6. Ownhere and Melethron for their fruitful discussions with Sibere, which has paved the way for development of our (Sibere’s) Data2sd code
  7. snq- for Kernel mods, Trackpad wake, et al.
  8. madmaxx82 for 4Ext recovery which offers great support for ext4 based Roms
  9. koush for adding my Roms to his Rom Manager manifest
  10. Mendozinas for having added support for the initial versions of my Roms to UOT kitchen (Currently UOT files are outdated)
  11. dsixda for the Android Kitchen, which simplifies greatly the task of repetitive Rom recompiling
  12. dmc.kiit for mirrors – Thanks a lot
  13. Alex-V, Neophytex360, Firerat for offering answers to questions about Rom development
  14. deXter (and AdamG & _thalamus), Roach2010 for suggestions to improve the Data2SD code
  15. baadnewz, robocik, coutts, Leedroid, coolexe for their contributions to the Desire Development
  16. Chainfire for Superuser binary
  17. Unrevoked, Alpharev teams for providing S-off
  18. RC Mix team and Robocik in particular for the CRT TV-Off Mod
  19. Alex-V for advice regarding the Helicopter mode Rosie patch
  20. HTC for the Android GB RUU and the Kernel sources, which is the base for this Rom
  21. Last but most important, Donors and XDA users for encouraging me! 

A big thanks to the following people for the generous Donations received:


If you’re an XDA user and do donate, kindly include your XDA userid and email id (if different from your emailid registered at Paypal), in a mail/PM so that I can update this list with your userid. Donors can access direct links to the latest ROMs and Addons on the Premium page on the StarBurst site, as the ROM is updated.

 Please bear with me if I’ve left out the names of any recent donors. This is because I’m away from the PC and can update webpages only when I’m back.

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